Autumn wasn’t a season I enjoyed when I was younger,

more synonymous with cemetery than cocooning,

but I got to know it.


This year, I am tasting its fawn colours every day when I walk the dog.

The wet smells of mushrooms and leaves fill the air along the way and the warm and low light accompanies me as I take refuge in nature, which is slowly falling asleep.

Pigments by Marianne
Nature is really spoiling us this year! A clement weather, a blue sky above our heads, leaves falling like confetti on a festive day; a carpet of yellow leaves shining like a sun under our feet and suddenly, just around the corner, a red tree that makes the show…
Pigments by Marianne
Pigments by Marianne
fawn colours Pigments by Marianne
Red tree Pigments by Marianne
But everything slows down, like leaves swirling. Days get shorter and cold gets stronger. Finally, I find my happiness in the little things I pick up on my way, the fruit that the forest has left lying around, the warmth of the tea when I get home, and painting, which is certainly less and less colourful.
Thistles Pigments by Marianne
Soon, winter will bring its frosts and faded colours, and I will hibernate, languishing for the beautiful days and the bright shades of spring.
Pigments by Marianne

All the pictures were taken in the region of Heuvelland, East of Maastricht, Zuid-Limburg, Netherlands.

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