Creating a life, creating a piece of art, creating a business: all of this take time and reflection and action.

Sometimes you stop to look at little things, sometimes it feels like time goes too fast and you have not admired enough the flowers on the way, sometimes you would like to stop for a moment or even go back but you have to keep walking.

And suddenly, you have to let go, start running like a wild horse, enthusiastic about daring at last!

And when you think you’re at the end of the road, another path looms on the horizon…

Welcome on my path!

So welcome to this website, it was difficult to create but I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do!

I am still educating myself on how to build it and I learnt to appreciate the process before liking the result. Stumbling on difficulties was definitely part of this. But now I look towards the horizon and feel although the journey was long, it was worth it.

Walk with me!

 Help me on the way and contact me if you see any mistake or things I could improve!

Also, if you see things you like, it is always good to hear!

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