Today I got out of my cave, finally. January had been lost for the most part, so I decided to just give me a break for the rest of it… But today is a new day, a new month! So always good for a new start…I need to focus again on my business!

I have always kept myself busy with different projects, either working for a company or as a volunteer to help at my children schools. But after a few years of the later, I needed to do things for me, to accomplish something, while keeping my freedom which I enjoy so much!  

Pigments by Marianne

Through the artistic projects in which I participated, some people told me I could do this as a “professional”. At first, I was doubtful, as I am not a manager type. I compared myself once to a shooting star: I burst with ideas and enthusiasm at the beginning of a project but often switched off before the end of it if I was not pushed by a deadline! 

Then I had to move again (#expatlife), and suddenly I thought “New life? OK let’s do this!”.  

So I am a beginner in the business.  

I have a lot to learn and nothing to loose.  

I do this with flair and aim for the success, even if the imposter syndrome pops up sometimes.  

I work with pleasure although I take care of the administrative side diligently.  

I am curious of which stories I will be asked to illustrate. 

I am eager to know the destination of the shooting star! 

Pigments by Marianne


Have you left out your fears to create a business? Tell me in the comments! 

On an idea by @entrepreneuses_creatives 

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