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My story

This is the story of a little girl who dreamed of painting but who took life on a different path.

This is the story of a mother who decided to make her life a success rather than succeed in life.

This is the story of a woman who, by dint of moving, met people and their culture and discovered new horizons.

This is the story of someone who thinks that happiness is now, and who wants to savor this moment, before tasting the next one.

Marianne speaking, French Expat Mom in the Netherlands (for now!)…
As long as I can remember, I have always been drawing, coloring or painting. Yet…
Yet the path of this life was not drawn in a straight line. After 4 years of studying languages in the South of France, while following painting classes for 5 years, I flew with my husband-to-be to follow my big childhood dream: to live in South Africa! This experience set the tone to what followed… “They will become expatriates” was a rhyme in our wedding song! 11 moves followed this one, in France or abroad, i.e. 12 moves in 23 years! I worked 7 years (in total) as a sales assistant in different sectors and above all I took care of my 3 children, a luxury of stability which has benefited our family always on the move. These last 8 years abroad (Netherlands then England then Netherlands again) allowed me to reconnect with my artistic fiber since I was able to make sets for musicals and for events voluntarily in my children’s schools… and voila, my fingers were back on the palette! And the idea was born to draw people’s favorite places, as I know how it feels to leave a beloved place that felt like home. Talk to me about one thing, and ding! My imagination runs wild.

Landscape watercolor

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