This is not an order, merely a suggestion… because you ARE capable!

We were all creative when we were young but sometimes the power loses energy along the way

My mum always told me how I would draw on little pieces of paper, so little and full of colors… Painting or drawing have always been my main core for creativity. Growing up I started to make things or mend things, renovate a furniture to make over my whole bedroom! During my studies and the beginning of my professional life, painting was still part of the picture.

Then I had children and time begun to be limited… But creativity was fulfilled with children DIY! Painting or collage were always practiced freely in my house, never mind the mess it would bring, the pleasure was more important 😊 I started sewing as well, let down knitting (definitely not for me) and I would love to start embroidery!

Pigments by Marianne

But for me, creativity is not only a matter of being good with your hands. You can be a creative scientist or engineer, even a cook is creative or maybe an accountant (all professions that I am far from embracing!).

What I mean is: you have to think out of the box to be creative, find solutions where at first you don’t see any, discover meanings that are not obvious or bring an element of surprise… When you are a kid, you feel anything is possible (think Tooth Fairy, Santa, … children always explain all this with so much creativity !). It is like looking at an abstract painting: you have to imagine the meaning of it…

There are so many ways to be creative!



Now you have to be open to the flow of ideas. And it rarely happens when you are thinking thoroughly about it, but rather makes bubbles in your mind when you are driving your car or walking the dog or taking a bath: when you are relaxing and letting your mind wander on its own. Then it starts rising up in your mind like bubbles in a Champagne flute, searching for the surface!

Of course, there is sometimes a little spark, a magical charm, a glimpse of the big bang, that I cannot explain. Some people have it easily, naturally, some manage painfully. Then training is always a solution: the more you are creative, the more it comes easily. Some say creativity is like a muscle you have to fortify every day!

Pigments by Marianne
Pigments by Marianne

Nonetheless, I noticed there are flows of creativity and calmer moments, a bit like the Mediterranean (where I come from): sometimes you face a lot of waves and sometimes the sea is so calm!

So when you have those windy days, where creativity crashes on the beach of your mind with several waves, do have a notebook ready to log them! Any idea is good to write! Because when the wind has died down, you can just look into your notebook and use the previous waves…

Dizzy after thinking about all this? Well, either too much Champagne or you are sea sick 😉

When you are better, please tell me about your creativity in the comments!

 This is my participation to the challenge by @entrepreneuses_creatives #monbusiness2021


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