Where are our child dreams? Where have they gone? What have they become? Do we have to stick to them or grow out of them? Will they come back?

At one moment in life, the question rises, often in front of old pictures…

When I look at the old me, like this little 5-year-old girl in a Provence village, and her old drawings, how she changed, how her drawing evolved (fortunately)… I wonder : should I have followed her dreams?

For sure, some of my dreams came true: I travelled, I had children (3 girls, just as I expected!) but career wise, let’s say I made some detours… 

The dream vs reality

Very young, I wanted to make jewelry; teenager, I wanted to work in the editing of magazines (preferably decoration ones), but I failed the entrance in the schools I had aimed…

Act rather than suffer

I was lost but had to do something! I was good at languages so went to the university and studied for 4 years Business English and Spanish, while taking painting lessons, got my diploma, worked as a temp for a year while waiting for my husband-to-be to finish his studies and then we left for South Africa (another of my childhood dreams). 

In the end, make things turn your way

I worked in different sectors, tourism, industry, medical, architect, but I always had some “visual” sides to my job, just as I needed it.

Now I never dreamt I would do what I do now, but just love the way things turn: dreams evolve, we grow up, we discover new things, we go forward! Who knows what I will do in 10 years? I don’t stop dreaming 😊


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